Friday, September 3, 2010

EllaKate 's Adjustment

EllaKate has had a big adjustment to make.
She has been the baby for four and a half years,
held anytime she wanted, and the center of our world.
Maybe people would say she was spoiled
but to me she was given everything she deserved and more.

Then came ShayleeJoy...
a 'little girl' to EK that took over
all the holding and attention.
The first day everything was ok with EK
but then the second and third day Mr. Green came for a visit.
SJ did not want me to put her down
and EK wanted me to hold her.
SJ cried a good bit and EK didn't like it.
The girls talked to SJ and EK would say they liked her more.
EK would tell me I loved SJ more than her.

I won't lie and say it wasn't hard...
that would be an understatement!!!
My precious EllaKate who really needed me to help her adjust
and hold her and treat her just like nothing had happened~
and I couldn't... I had to do all those things for the one
God had blessed us with that didn't already know
a Mom that would feed her on demand,
hold her on demand,
love her no matter what...

Scott filled in the gaps for all of us.
He held EK and took her for walks
and made her the center of his world.

Now on day 6, EK is doing great!
She is noticing when SJ needs something and tells me.
She is starting to engage her in playtimes
and allowing her to become her sister
instead of just a 'little girl'.

No one has tried to talk to EK in Mandarin
or scolded us for her tan.
I do think they wonder why we don't have a parasol.

SJ really doesn't talk enough for EK to even notice.
She is VERY quiet.
She will babble at times but for the most part,
she just watches and takes it all in.

As we wait for time to leave for the airport,
I sit and look at my two babies
and thank God, the Giver
of all good gifts from Above.
I am so very thankful for these two beautiful blessings!
James 1:17


  1. Leaving the province is always hard! ONce you get to GZ, you will feel at your other "home away from home"! Boy , it seems like you all have been gone SO LONG! Hope your big girls are doing well! I know they can't wait for you ALL to get home.

  2. It IS a lot for a little girl to handle....but it's a lot when you give birth to a sibling too and they always adjust. In no time EllaKate will be mothering Shaylee and loving her dearly! I know that God was preparing her for this by giving her such a close bond with her Daddy!


  3. It sounds like EllKate is handling her new sister with a lot of grace. I imagine it would be VERY hard to understand adoption from a kids' point of view. Especially when you are getting "booted out of baby" :) I know the two of them are going to be best friends!


  4. Both girls seem to be doing an amazing job adjusting to such BIG changes in a relatively short period of time. Ella Kate is going to be a great big sister. She's had some wonderful role models! :)

  5. Shay~I think EK is doing so well and somehow it seems like kids know when to rise to the occasion. You, no doubt, helped prepare her for this incredible transition. I know God will give you the words to ease her heart and mind when she feels put on the back burner or less important. Just keep telling her how amazing the heart is and how it keeps stretching and growing bigger the more people you love but there will always be a place that is JUST EK's...

    Enjoy each moment!


  6. Adoption is a huge adjusment for ALL people involved, especially the ones who lose their "baby" status. EK knows what a treasure she is and will be such a wonderful big sister!
    I am so excited for your GZ portion of the trip, can't wait to see how much better your pictures are, i may "steal" some of them for my scrapbook! :)
    Good luck with your travels.
    lots of love,

  7. Great post. It is totally understandable how EK is feeling. Maybe when you get home just you two can go for some mommy and EK time. I am also sure the big sisters will help EK feel really good again. Everything will be fine. Sounds like EK is already doing much better. God is there. I can't wait to see and hear about the last part of your trip!!!

  8. If we could just be split down the middle!!!!! It is such a hard transition but it gets better everyday!
    The girls are just beautiful!

  9. To EllaKate, From Madelyn,

    I miss you so much!! Each day after preschool my mom and I check the blog to see what you and Shaylee are doing. I am so happy that Shaylee has you for a sister. You will be the greatest friend that she could have. I can't wait to see you!!

    Sharon, Madelyn misses EK so much. You would think that she was used to seeing her every day! I think it is that she is so far away and she only sees her on the computer. We continue to pray for each of you!!! God's grace is always sufficient for everyone's needs!

    Love to you all!

  10. You must be so proud of EllaKate. She has been amazing! God is faithful and he called these two little girls to be sisters - isn't he good?! Sending hugs - and prayers. I'm guessing you are missing your "bigs" terribly by now!