Thursday, September 2, 2010

Still Grieving

Morning and nap~ this is the face we see.
She is still grieving after sleeping.
Wakes up to her new life...
not so sure she likes it much.
We have learned that snacks help some
but just putting her in the hip carrier
and getting out of the room helps the most.
Breakfast in the morning
and a walk in the park after nap.
I talk to her a lot and make lots of eye contact~
Patting her and holding her close.
When we come back from either place,
she is secure and feeling happier.
She gets down to play and laugh with EK and Baba.
A big change, huh?
I guess we'll go to sleep and start all over tomorrow.


  1. I wish that every adoptive waiting parent would read your blog. You are the epitome of the mom putting her child first. You are loving Shaylee through her grief. You understand her pain and are not trying to get her to "fit in" and be a normal little girl right now. I just love reading how you are taking your cues from her. I know that you are tired (well, not too much thanks to the NyQuil!) and your arms and back have to ache from carrying JingJing all day long. And yet, you persevere. You, my dear friend, are love in action.


  2. it was thursday after we got Ally that we saw her first smile (and it wasn't even for us!). So, she is making great progress. It's so much for any child to take in. We watched an amazing doumentary last night on PBS called "Wo Ai Nee, Mommy" about a little 8 year old girl being adopted. There were MANY similarities between her process and Alainas. I'll send you the link once you get home and want to take a look -- it's pretty rough at times, but very informative. I wish it had come out before we got Alaina..

    Glad to see the 2 girls together and having fun! And Daddy too! Wait till Shaylee sees her dad's cannon ball!

  3. Such a sweet smile! I know it will get better!!