Thursday, September 2, 2010

YouTube Video

My friend Robin shared with me
that her newly adopted 3 year old was singing
a little song over and over in Chinese.
She was able to find a version of it on YouTube
and sent it to me to see what SJ's reaction would be.

I clicked on the link and this is what she did.
So fun to watch her coming out of her shell
and letting us start to see her personality.


  1. Did she seem to know the song? I can't tell if she is singing along or not! I never thought of YouTube to look for Chinese songs, but it makes perfect sense! Thanks for the tip...

  2. I can't see it here from work, but will check at home. It looks like EK is just taking this whole amazing trip in with no problem. I'm so glad the heat and time difference didn't do y'all in. More pics please :)

  3. That was soooo fun to watch!! I definitely think you should do more videos! It was just fun to see her watch it, recognize it, and then run to go see what Ella was doing! I love it! I cant' WAIT till you guys get home.

  4. I love all your posts. She is such a doll baby! Love seeing her starting to come out of her shell. It is amazing!

  5. My favorite part is watching her kiss the baby's foot at the end!! SO precious!! LOVED talking to you this morning. Sleep well. I know you will enjoy getting to Guangzhou tomorrow.


  6. oh i love the videos!! love seeing sj smile and respond to the music!!! that's so wonderful!!! :) :)