Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Visit with Dr. Morgan

Tuesday morning we headed out

for our first carseat ride to the pediatrician.

Jing didn't really understand why we were strapping her in

but once the DVD was going, she was fine.

The visit was great...

thanks to the Hague~ no shots

and we were able to hold off on the bloodwork

until the next visit.

Jing did cry with Dr. Morgan but nothing

like she did at the Medical Exam in China.

We were so proud of her and

everyone thought she was the cutest baby!

She did have an ear infection in one ear

but other than that, a clean bill of health.

We were ALL so worn out and could not stay awake

(including EK) when we got home,

Scott suggested we all go to bed

and just see how long we could sleep.

We changed into pjs and climbed in~

asleep by the time we hit the pillow

and all slept until about 4 the next morning. :)





  1. Was this the doctor's visit? She looks worried.

  2. Praying for your sweet baby's heart and your mama heart too!

  3. Just wanted your family to know that prayers are being said for your precious Shaylee Joy.

  4. Cute car seat! And cute baby (both of them :))