Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jet Lag!!!

What do you do when jet lag
wakes you up @ midnight and you can't sleep...
get up @ 4, feed the girls, make coffee, and blog.
One of the treasures JingJing received from her orphanage
was a photo album of pics taken while there.
Some were ones I had requested while waiting but
some were completely new.
Every morning, one of the first things JJ
does is pick up that book and look through it.
Some pages she looks at with no real expression~
but some make her smile SO big...
ones with her precious friends still there waiting
for their forever families.
I wouldn't take a million dollars for the memories
this book is helping her to remember.
At one point yesterday I looked at Scott
and asked him to just look at the two miracles
God blessed us with by stepping out in faith in His will.
What IF we hadn't listened???

There is a precious child somewhere on this earth
that needs a family too~
I ask you to pray how God would use you in their lives.
* adopt
* sponsor a child
*give monetarily to a family adopting
*donate to an auction or donate flyer miles
Praying that He speaks to you BIG!!!


  1. love the sweet video - her little voice - be still my heart! she understands so much already!!!!

  2. Trust me, I am praying for one of those precious little girls EVERY day!

    You are truly blessed my friend.

  3. Yes, yes, and YES! May your family (and mine) be used by God to help soften hearts to allow families to help orphans!

    I LOVE that she has those photos. I also love that you are blogging about adopting a toddler/preschooler (and that your hearts were willing to adopt and older child). There are so many!

  4. She is such a precious little girl. My oh my she fits just perfect. I'm sure you can't squeeze her enough. You really are surrounded by His blessings.

    Welcome Home!

  5. I love it when the orphanages provide those photo albums! Priceless! Melina loves to look at the photo book we had made with the earliest pictures we have of her & from our trip. She always points to the picture of her foster mom, and I so wish we had more to show her than 3-4 pictures of her first 10 months of life. :(

    BTW, Melina loves watching the videos you post, and she likes to say, "JingJing." She was "PingPing" in China. :)

  6. I am so glad that you are home and safe! Yeahhhh! Looks like you guys are getting back to the everyday life again. That jetlag can kick your butt!

    JJ seems to just be fitting in perfectly! Like she has always been there. She was, in your hearts. ;0)

    Get some rest and try not to do too much at once. You don't want to get sick with all that you have on your plate.

    God bless!!

  7. I love looking at all those beautiful pictures of your girls!!!They are all so beautiful!!!God is so amazing!!

    So glad your home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. i came across your blog from the sweet lifes blog. congrats on your baby girl coming home !!! :)

  9. Oh my goodness! I missed the video when I looked at this the other day. It was absolutely amazing to hear her answering your questions and stuff! Wow!

  10. What a precious little voice saying her name ;) I am WITH you on the million dollars for the memories...wouldn't & couldn't trade them!!