Monday, September 27, 2010

A Package

There was a knock at our door this morning
and we opened to greet our postman
holding a package for the girls.
EK was SO excited but SJ not so sure.
EK opened both gifts~
Art stuff for EK and a sweet sheep for SJ.

EK went right to work coloring her wooden doll.
Turned out beautiful! :)

We have found SJ needs time to like a 'new' item
so we sat the sheep aside until she chooses
but in the meantime~
She LOVED the bubble wrap. :)
Thanks Aunt Jan and Uncle Ray!!! :)


  1. How fun!
    EK's dimples are sooo cute. Reminds me of our girl.
    I love SJ's huge smile.. gotta love bubble wrap!
    Is she warming up to her new name, or still embracing Jing Jing? I love both names...

  2. I think everyone loves bubble wrap!