Monday, September 27, 2010

What to eat...

What to feed this little one?

We were told she ate rice, congee, rice cereal, noodles...
not picky about her food.
In China, she ate eggs, toast, bananas, watermelon,
chicken nuggets, and pizza~ pretty much anything
but since surgery...
it has been a challenge to get her to try new foods~
Chinese or American.
She is very suspicious
that we are tricking her to take medicine. :(

Tonight I made baked spaghetti
and offered her some plain spaghetti noodles...
just look at that face~
she ate 3 helpings.
I also have a yummy rice recipe from Lynn to try out.
What's better than eating noodles with your fingers?

Jake's mom Dana gave the girls this cute stroller
and they BOTH love it~
sometimes TOO much and have a hard time sharing.

And these would be 2 cute girls hanging out
on the kitchen floor.
Have no idea why. :)
Love you Channie (happy yes).


  1. Ally ate everything in China - now, we are lucky to get a little fruit and a few veggies in her each day. Some of it is 'hidden' - and some days we just don't do well at all... hmmm. I'm convinced that part of it is that she is "allowed" to be somewhat picky and make her own choices, which I'm sure she was not allowed to in the "O"!

  2. Amazing how picky they get when they know they have choices now ;)

  3. Spaghetti-in just about any form-is still one of Aidan's favorite meals.