Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Sweet Sunday Afternoon

It was bound to happen~
EK has a bad cold and under the weather.
She decided she would take a nap
with SJ today
and they both woke up in such a sweet mood.
They both came running into the family room
and climbed into Baba's lap.
So sweet!!!

Later after dinner, the big girls
introduced the little camera to SJ.
She LOVED a matter of fact,
she walked around pointing it at us saying,
"Cheese"! :)

She thought it was SO funny
that I took a picture of her while she was taking a pic of me.
Loved this lazy rainy Sunday~
just what THIS family needed!!!


  1. Cute pictures of your adorable girls! Rainy days are the best!

  2. Look how happy Jing looks. She is really at home in her Baba's arms!!

  3. Awwww....I love ShayleeJoy's Christmas Pajamas! We took those to China with us in 2008 ;)

  4. Love that last picture-her eyes crinkling with joy. Her name is definitely appropriate!

  5. adorable!!!! I just can't get enough of Jing's big happy smile!!!