Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Sisters!

The girls have been so sweet with Jing!
They have asked so many times
to make sure every little thing they are doing is ok.
Playing is ok. :)
They are leaving all the NEED things to me
so Jing knows who mama and baba are. :)
This is the first toy Jing went to last night when we got home.
Baba was SO happy to get a shower
and sit down to watch a game. :)
The girls just sat back and watched her for a while.
My FIVE girls all together finally!!!!!
S&G played with Jing
and A gave ALL her attention to EK!
That is just what the dr ordered!!!
Introducing GiGi and JingJing.
The baby original and the baby Chinese. :)
We all headed to bed around 1:30 and asleep by 2~
only to be awake @ 4.
We tried to go back to sleep
but up by 4:30 to play and eat.
Thus blog posts and clean laundry!!!


  1. Welcome home! So glad to see the whole family together! What a beautiful sight!

  2. Welcome home! I know your heart is overflowing with love & happiness to see all the girls together finally. Makes me think of how glorious Heaven will be. Hope you'll get a few more zzz's tonight!

  3. Welcome home! I have loved following this beautiful journey!

  4. It must be wonderful to be back, and it looks like the older girls are thrilled to see all of you.

  5. We were up at 4 as well. What a trip, huh? We are forever connected! That was a marathon journey home! Arrived in the ATL at about 7!

  6. You are so blessed with five amazing daughters !!

  7. This is the one I've been waiting on...a picture with all FIVE of your girls in it! :)

  8. I was thinking you would be doing laundry! I'm sorry you didn't sleep well however I'm so glad all the girls are together and enjoying each others company!!!

  9. Welcome Home!! It is so good to see your girls all together. You have a beautiful family. I hope rest comes and jet lag leaves quickly. Continuing to pray for you all as you bond and get settled. Thanks for letting us be apart of your journey.

  10. Just look at all those happy faces!! I can't wait to see you all again. I love the picture of all 5 girls!!


  11. I am so thankful for your safe travels and to see your sweet family together! I was praying for you all all day yesterday, expecially hard! I will continue to pray for smooth transitions! Love you all!
    Laura Adams

  12. Congrats on being home! Very happy, smiling faces!

  13. What a blessing to have all of your precious girls with you at home! Welcome home!

  14. Welcome Home!!! I love you guys soo much!!!!! I am so happy for all of you!!!!