Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Walking into the airport was the greatest thing!
We had no idea we would see them to fast but
we came around a corner right off the plane
and heard a HUGE cheer!
Signs, cheering, crying, laughing, RELIEF!
To be in the arms of our loved ones
was completion of all God sent us to do.
Bring back His child to this amazing group of people
to love and cherish forever!
The group except, Jason, Tony, and Preacher Ben~
went to pull the cars up to load our STUFF!!!
Sweet Lynn and Ellie brought their girls to meet Jing!
It was so sweet to have our daughters together!!!
The only one not feeling like a celebration was Jing~
totally overwhelmed but completely understandable.
We were all tired and overwhelmed~
the best you be after 28 hours of travel.
Preacher Ben drove our church van over to bring our family
and pick us up so we wouldn't have to drive.
So thankful for his loving care of us!!!
Made it home around 11 and so so thankful!!!!!


  1. Welcome home :) I'm overwhelmed with emotion as I think back to last night. Shay, your family is just about the sweetest bunch I've ever met! God has truly blessed you and what a wonderful new blessing he has given you in JingJing - She is doing GREAT!! I am looking forward to seeing her personality and her trust continue to blossom. hugs. ellie

  2. Welcome Home!!! Prayers will be covering you as you transition into your new "life" and routine!

  3. Welcome home! You really blogged through until the end. Very impressive! We miss you guys already!

    When you get a chance to breathe, I'd love a copy of these airport photos (and any others of course!).

    Hope you guys are getting some sleep. We are still waking up at 4. Claire woke up twice last night, but went back to sleep. Hoping to get back to normal soon!