Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Marathon Journey Home

We left our HK hotel around 6:20 am
on a shuttle to the airport.
We were due to fly out @ 9:15 but...
it was delayed until noon.
Here we are hanging out at the gate.
EK could not WAIT to get on that plane to her sisters!!!
At one point, I looked over
and Jing had climbed up beside EK
and they were watching Mulan.
I told Scott that had been my dream all along~
friends and sisters forever!!!
Jing's new friend Claire~
just a teeny tiny doll. :)
Rebecca and Mark...
we are already miss you all tons!
Hanging out before the marathon
15 hour flight to Detroit~
where our layover was cut in half on the front side.
Boarded and ready for the flight~
or ready as we were ever going to be.
The girls did amazing!!!
They watched movies, played, ate and ate and ate~
EK took a good five hour sleep
and Jing catnapped-
Scott and I got no sleep but made it!
We landed and made it through imigration
and customs in a fast time of 2 hours (sarcasim)~
but OH so thankful our little Jing
was declared a US Citizen once her feet hit Detroit!
Enjoyed a two hour layover before our small
Delta Connection flight took us to our family and friends
waiting @ Greenville/Spartanburg airport.
OH such a sweet homecoming~ post coming!


  1. Home Sweet Home!! Can't wait to finally see some pics of your WHOLE family together at last :)

  2. Detroit! You were so close to us, we would have come to see you!! Thankful you are home....and praying that JingJing gets comfortable with her new home and forever family!

  3. Welcome Home!! I know how happy you were to get there! Pics are so sweet. Hope the jetlag isn't terrible!! Those girls are so cute, and I LOVE their tshirts!