Friday, September 10, 2010

The Train to Hong Kong

We left the hotel around 2:30
and went by the consulate so our guide
could pick up SJ's visa.
Mission accomplished and we were off to the train station.
Really only 5 minutes away.
I shot this pic of SJ before we left.
It struck me of what an overwhelming
miracle that this little one is to have been
without a family in an orphanage such a short time ago
and now stood overlooking the city ready to leave
with her NEW family forever!!!!!
Here we are with our sweet guide Aron
(Chinese Women of China) ~
which we can't say enough GREAT things about!!!

And our sweet traveling friends~
Mark, Rebecca, & Claire.
Waiting in the train station~
SJ was NOT happy.
She was actually scared we were at another
medical exam building.
SJ loved pulling the little suitcase
all around the train station.
All Aboard!!!
This is the funny part of the trip...
when we walked out of the train station,
we were approached by 'Billy" for a cab ride.
This happened to us back when we got to HK with EK~
this random guy came up to us
and wanted to drive us to the hotel.
We asked him if he was sure we could all fit~
he said YES! and led us to a small van.
Sure enough, he got all our luggage in and
me holding EK&SJ, Rebecca holding Claire,
and Mark all piled in the back seat and Scott in the front.
'Billy' sent his wife home on the bus. :)
He pointed to a VERY long line of people waiting on a cab
and said we would have waited about 2 hours...
and said, "I'm not sh****** you."
All we could do is laugh out loud!!! :)
We made it to our destination near the airport
and are headed to bed so we will be ready for
our 5:30 wake up call.
Flying out @ 9:15 am headed to Detroit
where SJ will be an American when her feet hit the ground!
Thank you Jesus!!!
"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life." Proverbs 13:12


  1. I love, love, love your scripture. Tears are streaming down my face. I'm so very happy for you all!!


  2. I'm so glad you made it to Hong Kong safely! I can't believe you're almost home - it's just amazing! I've loved all the pictures. Well, you have fun in "D-town" and be nice to all the Michiganders there! :>) See you soon!

  3. tears here too - that was Tia "Hope"'s scripture :)


  4. God is good all the time! So happy for all of you! Can't wait to see/hear how she reacts to all of her other wonderful sisters!

  5. Put his wife on the bus? Anything for the mighty doller, I suppose. Or maybe the mighty yuan! Too funny - that he knows THAT kind of English. Hoping for a great trip home with your new little American girl!

  6. Hi Shay, I was hoping to be able to be at the airport tomorrow but I forgot to get the details from you - if you get this and you are okay with me being there can you let me know the flight and time?? Thanks and how exciting you will be home in less than a day!!!! sending hugs and prayers!!!!

  7. Are you home yet!?? I can't wait for the next post! Praying you all the way safely to your door AND a good night's sleep in your own bed.

  8. Been thinking about you all today and wondering where you were in the skies above. Hope you had an uneventful flight and a wonderful homecoming. Sounds like that van driver was something else! :)