Monday, September 13, 2010

Early Mornings

We were up VERY early yesterday morning~
like 4am early and started with a little cereal.
Then down for some sister playtime.
The baby strollers are the hit.
JingJing pushed her baby around in it for a while
and then she sat down...
the REAL fun began.
EK pushed her for a while.
EK wanted to get dressed so they chose green dresses
and Jing followed EK around all morning.
EK has missed riding her bike while away
so she was out the door for a spin.
Jing pointed to go too until she saw Fisher
and she pointed to the door, wanting to go back in.
That's quite alright... baby steps~
she making great strides!!!
My mom gave her this Corolle doll
and she has carried around ever since.
Love that she is choosing things she likes to play with.
EK is being just the sweetest sister
showing her how to play and sharing everything! :)
So far so good!
Does a mama's heart good!!!


  1. So, SO sweet! It's been so much fun to follow along!

  2. Welcome back! She seems to be doing so well and clearly feels loved and secure; you can see that in her smile. Enjoy settling in to life anew.

  3. Awww!!! Maybe she has never seen a dog? Heavens, Grady LIVES with one and he still did the same thing Jing did when he saw Fisher! :) That "polar bear"! She will love him in no time! Glad to hear things are going well!

  4. So happy for all of you - I just can't stop smiling that you're home and a family of 5 beautiful girls. Today Mike Zinn said he got y'all going on adoption! :)

  5. so happy for you all., Finally!

  6. Toooo cute..
    You are doing AMAAZING on the blog.. how do you do it.. I hear the jetlag and with 2 girls.. you are AMAZING..
    Get some rest..