Monday, September 6, 2010

Making Friends

EK has been such a wonderful sister today!
So has SJ! :)
Another Baba hat pic.
EK chose a fish puzzle today
and the girls Loved playing together!
After eating at Lucy's today,
we decided we would just get take out noodles.
SJ loved them and EK didn't.
So back out Scott went to get EK McDonald's.
Guess who crawled right up to the table for more?
She is a big eater. :)
EK was sitting at the table coloring
and invited SJ up to do it with her.
EK said SJ was doing so well
and I reminded her it was because she was teaching
her everything she needs to know by showing her.
Right now they are playing on the floor with the Wedgits.
Getting better everyday!!!


  1. I am so THRILLED to see Shaylee so happy!! The smile on her face when she is coloring with EllaKate is priceless. You can tell that it radiates from within! Tell EK that I am so proud of her for being such a wonderful JieJie!!


  2. Have you shopped at A Gift From China? If you go toward starbucks, make a left instead of a right (if memory serves me). No haggling, good quality, and proceeds go to special needs orphanages. Very cute sundresses!

  3. I am so excited that things are going so well between the two of them! I knew they would. Love all the smiles and giggles I'm seeing!

  4. I'm so glad you got her the squeaky shoes - they're so cute. She looks so proud of herself in the sunglasses. So glad those two girls have each other :) I bet it feels like you've been gone forever.

  5. That last photo of them together shows how far they have come!!! Two precious sisters brought together in such a miraculous way! Praise God!


  6. Oh my, your little one has a big smile! Glad to see it come out in full.

  7. So good to catch up on all the excitement!!! computer was broke. So happy for all of you!!! Everyone looks fabulous. I know you can't wait to be home and be all together..hang in there!!

  8. So great to see SJ's big smile.I love seeing EK's as well. I know that is hard but it will get better and they will be best of friends. Lia and Jake went through the same thing and now they are best buds. We spent the weekend up in your neck of the woods with friends. I can see why you love it so much!!! We fell in love. Praying for you guys. Especially this weekend. Thought of you the whole time!!

  9. I've had blog withdrawl for the past few days! Glad to be back home so I can catch up with you all!

  10. I'm loving all the photos - both girls look so happy! YAY!

  11. Melina had to watch the video of SJ in her sunglasses over and over this morning, but my favorite from your posts today is the pic of SJ & EK smiling so big while they colored. So sweet! Joan told me about A Gift From China, too, and I bought a ton of stuff there. My favorite are the handmade dolls. We also found that the place next door (Sherry's Place?) had what we thought were the best prices and selection of squeaky shoes (just in case you need another pair or two). And you can tell Scott that poor Eric lugged MUCH more stuff out of Jordan's than you seemed to have in that picture. :) Love following your blog; thank you so much for sharing your trip with us!

  12. Loving all the smiles!
    Saw the chain on your GA girl's post and you are on the homestretch!! :)
    Enjoy your last few days to the fullest.

  13. I love seeing al the smiles on your two girls. I can't wait until they get home in THEIR room & life becomes NORMAL. The smiles will be so much more often and they will really be best friends!!