Monday, September 6, 2010

Shamian Island

Today we headed back to the Medical Exam bldg
to have SJ's TB test screening read.
She had a major breakdown when we walked in
and cried the whole time!
Her screening was negative
thank goodness or she would have needed a chest x-ray.
We left there and headed out to have a look around the island.
It brought back so many wonderful memories.
Walking through the park was so beautiful!
Scott acted like he and Rob had to help each other
carry out all the stuff I bought at Jordan's.
Lots of it was gifts and really not all that much anyway. :)
Precious JingJing. :)
Lots of couples out having their bridal portrait made.
Met the group at Lucy's for lunch.
Love that we got another family pic taken.
Ella LOVED this little dog.
JingJing couldn't figure out that it was not real. :)
Lynn~ this pic is for you.
This is the dragon teacup we bought you
and had to carry everywhere making sure we didn't break it.
Scott made this silly face like it was a big deal.
So excited to bring it home to you!!!
Went back to the White Swan to let EK see all the fish
and this beautiful waterfall.
It was so great to think on our time there when we got EK.
Miss you big girls~ you made our time there so special!!!
JingJing gives me kisses all the time.
She will say, "Mama" and lay one on me!!!
Said I was NOT going to buy any squeaky shoes
but caved to the peer pressure of others buying them.
I put a pair on SJ's feet and when took the first step,
looked back at me with a HUGE smile!!!
She loves them!
I also bought a Chinese dress in every size 4-14 for $4 each.
What a deal and we are set for every
Chinese New Year from now on!!!


  1. I'm so glad you had fun on the island! And no xray! I love the family photo and of course, the one of SJ kissing her mama! But my favorite is of you and the girls in front of the waterfall! It's just so great to see you three together at at last.

    Tell Scott he's a good man to carry a tea cup around like that! :) I remember carrying a tea set for Lili through airports on the way back from Romania. Such a pain!! I can't believe that cup is in such a big box!

    p.s. Such cute little feet! Glad you got the shoes.

  2. Great pics! Loved all the funny faces. Glad you're having a great time! You'll have to tell us what squeaky shoes are?!

  3. I remember Tracy saying Phillips loved his squeaky shoes, too. Smart thinking on your part to buy all the dresses. I didn't think of that and Asher has already out grown his traditional Ethiopian outfit. :-(

  4. Awesome. Keep posting! Enjoy every moment.

  5. Love the kissing shot. I wouldn't be able to resist those squeaky shoes, either. They're just adorable.

  6. THOSE squeaky shoes are adorable!! I am glad that you enjoyed some "island time" and shopping - who can resist!?!