Monday, September 6, 2010

The Chain is ALMOST gone!

Amelia made a chain to count down the days until they get home! As you can see, there are not many days left! Saturday night they will be home!!! We all are about to go crazy. It's like waiting for Christmas times 10.Josh and I arrived in Hartwell on Friday evening. We made it right in time for the football game! We were able to watch Rosemary cheer for the first time in high school, and she did such a wonderful job! She was definitely the cutest one!

On Saturday we went to Anderson for the day to occupy Amelia's friend, Sarah. Amelia and Sarah's mom decided to throw her a surprise party for her birthday, and Sarah's mom and had to get ready for it all day. We shopped around and had a great day! That night we went over to Sarah's for the party!

On Sunday, we went to Helen to visit Aunt Susan, Unle Tony, Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Larry. They went up there on Thursday to camp for the weekend. We had a great time going to pool, walking around Helen, and eating a delicious dinner afterwards! It was such a wonderful and fallish day! The weather was perfect!

Today was definitely a resting day. We had a great time watching a movie, laying by the pool, and having Mexican for dinner tonight. I made my mom's chicken fajitas for everyone! Jason, Amy and Max came over to hang out.

What a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like you all are doing well! Nice to have a day off of school, huh? I know you all will be so excited to see next weekend come around...

  2. What a nice weekend! You girls are so good to each other! That's why I know EK is going to be a great big sister (she had great teachers!) & one of the reasons SJ is going to love being part of your family.

  3. I can't wait until the CHAIN IS GONE!! And all those girls of yours are together!

  4. We had a great time with you guys yesterday!!