Monday, September 6, 2010

Just Hanging Out~ Then Jade and Pearl Market

We were free all day until around 3
so we ate breakfast and just hung out in the room.
I was busy straightening up the room
and Scott was reading the news~
when guess who walked up to him and wanted up?
She sat with him a good while. :)
This is the face I got when I said, "Cheese".
Maybe I'll just call her name from now on. :)

We left the hotel around 3 and headed
to the Pearl and Jade Market.
We bought some special gifts for the girls~
also something for JingJing.
Pedestrian Street was SO crowded but interesting!!!
It is now almost 7 and we just got home.
Scott just went out for Pizza Hut AGAIN...
can't beat it when you are starving!!!


  1. Yeah for DADDY! Wonder if she will let him "carry" her somewhere now?! What great progress!

  2. Oh my gosh - what a treat to see SJ on her Daddy's lap!!!!!!1

  3. I think these are my favorite picture so far!!

  4. Oh! I love seeing that precious girl in her Daddy's lap! Makes my heart skip a beat!!!

  5. What's so priceless is the smile on Scott's face!! What a wonderful breakthrough for Jing Jing.


  6. Aren't you home yet?!?!? Loving the pictures and updates, but sure would like to talk to you on the phone and get a hug from little miss SJ :)

  7. Love that face? That's just hilarious! So excited about her going up to Scott. What a leap!

  8. Ok, you guys crack me up! Do you like Chinese food? That is fine if you don't but I love it. I did get tired of it after awhile.

  9. I actually love the first picture, before the "cheese". Their body language is so expressive.

  10. Just when I think the pictures can't get any better! What a special moment for SJ & Scott! So glad it happened when the camera was handy.