Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Little Trip

Two things have to happen for us to be ready for discharge~
X-ray is clear
and good echo cardiogram.
Sue our nurse thought she would load Jing
into a wagon to take her down.
Let me tell you...
she was having no part of riding in a wagon.
Is she just the sweetest?
I ended up scooping her in my arms
and carrying her to radiation.
Dr came by and said she had a little fluid
but nothing to worry about.


  1. Oh she is just so beautiful! I cannot get over her beautiful coloring! Oh course she wanted to be held by Mama on the way to x-ray, she is also one smart little cookie!

  2. Gorgeous! Love the pink skin! I can't wait to see what a happy, healthy child she is once she has fully recovered!

  3. Just precious! Her skin is the most beautiful shade of pink. I was just looking at the contrast between your FB profile pic and the pics of JJ since surgery. Hard to believe it's the same little girl.

  4. She is just adorable! I never realized how "blue" Mia was until I saw her after surgery! I love the pink skin! Praise God for her recovery! Praying you are home soon!