Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today was a fun day because the girls
came out for a visit.
Josh came with them too.
I also had a couple of surprise visitors~
Beth, Pam, and Roger all stopped by to check on us.

Beth was the giver of gifts for everyone!
EK LOVED her little doll...
My four 'bigs' looking over Jing's crib...
they could hardly stand that she didn't wake up
the whole time they were here.
Actually once the chest tubes were out,
she pretty much slept the day away...
Wonder what that means for the night???
Whatever it means...
I am more than happy to oblige.


  1. Precious! Just precious!! Get well Jing Jing!! Your family is waiting to love on you!!!

  2. Oh there is so much joy in these pictures!!!! I'm sure she will sleep a ton, Georgia sure did. It is so good for her little body!
    Praying for a good night,

  3. I know it was wonderful to see the family! I know having them together is an awesome feeling! She looks and sounds like she is doing wonderfully! I am praying for a peaceful night for both of you!
    Love ya!

  4. Such joy in having the family gathered together! I am so amazed at how quickly she has recovered and already has the chest tubes out! WoW! God is good! Praying for a good night!

  5. Such great news! I am happy she is getting her rest. I hope the evening is restful for you both as well.

  6. So glad she's getting some much needed rest! I hope you both get some tonight too. She is a doll!

  7. Love the pictures !! I know you were happy to see your girls and I'm sure they were happy to see yall !! Hoping that soon JingJing will be home and the girls can continue bonding with their new precious sister !!

  8. So happy to hear that she is doing so well. You've all been in my thoughts and prayers. Hope she is home with her sweet family soon. Janet

  9. Glad you had some wonderful visitors yesterday! I bet the best ones were your daughters. :>)