Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Lazy Day

I don't know many things better than a good night's sleep~
except everyone sleeping through the night.
Jing 9-5:45
EK 9:30-7:30
Thinking we are just about jet lag free!!!

Medicine time was still a challenge but managing.
Jing didn't really want to be outside at all when we first came home but now she begs to go out.
She wants to go down and put her feet in the pool
and play with all the outside toys~
including riding a bike.
We finally coaxed her into riding in the jeep
and she LOVED it!
Serious about their driving. :)
Jing has played so much since she got home...
she knows when she needs rest though
and just lays down in the floor wherever she is.
I usually offer a pillow. :)
The girls have really had fun together!!!
Time out from playing for a snack.
Life is good and we are SO thankful!!!


  1. Just seeing both girls together makes me so happy! Life became so much more fun one we got used to life after adding Alaina. She and Ally are best buddies and want to play all the time! I'm so glad that you have gotten thru all of the surgery... what a blessing that you "stepped out"!

  2. A good night's sleep is worth its weight in gold! Just love how close the girls are becoming. Hoping for that some day in our household!

  3. I'm so glad that you're home, that Jing is doing better and that everyone is sleeping well. When they say "there' no place like home", they really know what they're talking about!

  4. So, so happy to see these photos. Welcome home!

  5. There it is! The car picture I've been waiting one!!!! It makes my heart smile.


  6. So glad everyone is doing good. It is such a blessing to see them playing! Thanks for letting us be a part.

  7. I just love seeing EllaKate with her sister that she so patiently waited for. You waited FOR ShayleeJoy. She is perfect for your family!!