Friday, September 24, 2010

First Cardiologist Appt

For the past 24 hours,
Jing has had some chest pain on the left side.
She would clutch herself and look at me with a hurting face.
You can well imagine all the things I feared
and called Sibley Heart Group to talk with a cardiologist.

Dr. Lindsey called me right back
and spent a long time with me on the phone last night
and again this morning.
Finally he said he thought it would be good
if she came in for a check up.
I couldn't agree more!!!

After an EKG and Echo cardiogram,
he confirmed what he suspected:
reduce meds, maybe a little dehydrated,
and post surgery pain.
I just needed to hear it in person I guess to feel at ease.
There is one other issue we may have to visit
in the coming weeks
so we will be seeing him every week for a while.
SO thankful for Dr. Lindsey!!!

We stopped at Chick-fil-a on the way home
and grabbed lunch~
this is the happy girl eating her chicken nuggets.
One of the other things Dr. L recommended
was keeping the pain meds steady through the weekend.
Not a fun task but when all is said and done,
we are off to play outside...
and the jeep was the first toy they run to!
Needed to stop for a little hydrating break.
Looking forward to a wonderful homecoming weekend~
both high school and our family.
We will all be together
and hopefully get our first family pic made!!!
ALL the chicks will be in the nest tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Whew - glad she is OK. I'd want to hear that in person too!

  2. I don't blame you for wanting to see the doc - now you can enjoy your fun homecoming weekend. Can't wait to see first family picture of all of you!

  3. So glad to hear Mama will have all her chicks at home! Can't WAIT to see everyone together!!

    So glad that Jing is dong well and sorry for the scare! God is good!!

  4. Thankful to see those smiles. So glad she is feeling better and the Dr. was able to put your mind at ease. We had a few calls like that too!

  5. Jake had the same kind of stuff. So glad she is doing good. Continueing to pray for you guys.

  6. She looks fantastic. It's hard to believe she had such a major surgery only a week ago. I was in Athens this weekend, visiting my daughter and thinking of you. I'd love to catch up with you again one day and meet the little girls, I don't think I've seen you since shortly before you brought EllaKate home. I'm so happy ya'll are home and life is getting back to normal for you. Continued prayers for you.

  7. OK -- I'm pretty sure I do 100% know the answer to this, but do you just look at the 2 of them and say "just look at these little miracles"???? AMAZING!

  8. oh I'm glad you took her in, you must be relieved! Shay, can I just say that Jing is so beautiful? 'cause I think it every time I look at her gorgeous photos!!