Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homecoming Game

HCHS celebrated homecoming last night.
Amelia was on Miss Bulldog court
and was most definitely the most beautiful! :)
We were all able to go~
I put Jing in the hip carrier
and stood outside the gates to watch Amelia walk.
Rosemary got to cheer the whole game
and did a fabulous job!
Amelia and BFF Sarah~ beautiful!!!
Other BFF~ boyfriend Jake.
PS... Jake's mom and dad took some amazing
pics of Amelia and can't wait to share them!!!
Thank you both!!!
This picture reminds me of Cinderella @ Disney
talking to all the little girls.
Amelia was definitely a princess!!!
Dad was SO proud!!!
And so was Memommy~
the one that has taken care of the big girls
for pretty much the last five weeks.
Not sure what we would have done without her!!!
Love you mama and thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
So thankful I was able to be home
to share this wonderful night with the girls.
ALL of them!!!


  1. Your girls are definantly so beautiful. You can see their hearts in their smiles. What a fun night. Glad Jing is doing good.

  2. Amelia is just stunning! Sounds like a fun night!

  3. Wow! Amelia was beautiful!!! What a great night for everyone! You must be on cloud nine to have all of your family together.

    Oh- I love your new look to the blog!!!

  4. Wow! I love her dress - it is just beautiful. Amelia looked amazing! What a special night. :)

  5. Amelia is stunning. What a beautiful girl with a fabulous smile. I love her dress, too. Her hair and makeup is perfection. You should be so proud.

    (I always thought that BFF meant "Best Female Friend." Since Jake is her other BFF... I must be mixed-up.)

  6. Yes, Amelia is THE most beautiful! I am laughing out loud at Lindy (above ;)) I thought BFF was Best Friend Forever :)

  7. She looked SOOO beautiful and we loved being there to watch her walk the field!! And Rosie did so awesome cheering!!!