Sunday, September 26, 2010

Homecoming Dance

Amelia and Rosemary both went to the
Homecoming Dance.
Thank goodness Savannah was home
so she could help with running around for last minute details,
hair, and dress/shoes/accessories.
Proud Dad again :)
Amelia and Savannah found this dress
while we were in China~ beautiful!

Funny story about Rosie's dress~
she saw it when we found Savannah's wedding dress
but HC was so far away we didn't buy it.
Friday was a week ago while we sat in the waiting room
waiting on Jing to go through her surgery,
I began calling David's Bridal shops all over America~
not kidding.
I finally found one in her size in Tulsa Oklahoma,
paid for the rush shipping
and it was at our house this past Tuesday.
AND it fit~ no alteration needed!
A princess for sure!!!
Make that 2 princesses!

Having two going to the dance
made it hard to work the photo ops...
Amelia and her best friends all went without dates
and met to snap pics, go to dinner and dance,
and sleepover.
They all looked beautiful!

Best friends!

The new youth pastor, Ryan dressed up
just to come and make pics with the girls.
Now that's a gentleman.

After taking pics of Amelia,
we took Rosie to Leslie's house
where her parents made dinner and dessert for their friends.

On the way home,
Scott and looked in the backseat
and both said how very thankful we were
that we have two car seats with two littles
and don't have to go home alone. :)
God is good!!!


  1. I love both of the girls' dresses! Beautiful!

  2. They look beautiful!! I love their dress choices...... so much fun!!



  3. Awww (again!) The girls all looked SO VERY beautiful!!

    I feel so empty now 4 days a week when I look in the backseat and it's empty!!

  4. They look beautiful. And so sweet that you had your 2 little girls to ride home with:)

  5. Oh my, they both looked SO gorgeous! I loved both of their dresses! I'm so glad they had a wonderful time!