Thursday, September 23, 2010

Homecoming Week

Our life has been so busy with China and Jing,
the big girls have been a little neglected on the blog.
Sorry girls.
This is Homecoming week at their HS
with different dress up days~

Sunday~ found the outfits they bought in China
4 years ago and dressed up for EK. :)
(ps- had nothing to do with Homecoming)
Tuesday~ Cowboys and Native Americans
Wednesday~ Opposite Day... dressed like boys :)
Amelia's crazy friends
Thursday~ Black Out Day
Friday~ Spirit Day and Homecoming Game
Amelia is on Miss Bulldog Court
and both girls are going to the dance Saturday night.
Can't wait to see them all dressed up!!!
GO DOGS!!!!!


  1. Your girls are beautiful as ever - no matter how they dress!!!!!

  2. They make very pretty boys... LOL they could never pull it off- too gorgeous!
    Looks like they have had a fun week!

  3. Even dressed as boys, they are both just stunning! Gotta love the politically correctness of "Cowboys and NA Day"!!!

  4. I'm so happy for you that things are settling into a pattern. I bet you are enjoying these "normal" days!

  5. Love their Chinese outfits...and the boy clothes! They are so cute!


  6. I used to love Spirit week at school! Such fun memories. Looks like they had a blast. So did the same girl make your new blog template? I really like it. I need to change mine but was waiting for a new family pic!