Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dinner Out with the Braniffs

We have enjoyed getting to know
the Braniff family here in Fuzhou.
They have older children just like us
and a three and five year old like us.
Tonight they were going to dinner with their guide
from last time and invited us along.

Before we ate, Rob took us down a local alley
to see the REAL China.

It was real alright and Scott found a friend! :)
We were quite the spectacle standing
out in the street while the people did their daily thing.
Our dinner was wonderful
and we loved meeting Katherine~ their guide.
She told me people from Putian City are very smart~
the women being very diligent and hard working.
I could tell that by just being with ShayleeJoy
for the short time we have had her.
She is oh so patient, diligent, and hard working
when she chooses something to do.
A very caring and old soul to only be just three years old.


  1. Isn't real China the best?? I am sure that TWO of you with your double strollers was quite the sight!!

  2. Looks like such a fun time - the "authentic" stuff was our very favorite!