Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Laughing Time

I know it's just a bunch of the same pics
but I couldn't stop taking them
and posting them.
This makes my heart sing!
My prayer is that they become the BEST of friends!!!


  1. The third one down needs to be framed. You are right to take tons of pictures & to blog them! These moments are moments in time where ShayleeJoy is becoming FAMILY. Where she is letting her guard down and being loved on and learning to love. There is nothing quite like seeing their faces & body language transform with love. You will never forget it....

  2. OMGoodness!!!!! What beautiful giggles from your littles already. Things look too perfect, are you sure you have a 3 year old?!

    I had to laugh at the little pink lovely she has. Shelby has her RED, and now SJ has her PINK.

    Wow, what wonderful blogging. I sure hope you don't expect this from me next year ;)

  3. I could look at 20 more just like them!!! I know that they will be the very best of friends in no time.


  4. Love these pictures! They are sooo special!

  5. The one of them laughing AT each other is the BEST! So cute - can't be beat! those laughs are the sweetest music!

  6. Hi....I LOVE the matching outfits! :) Keep posting - we are all thinking about you guys!

  7. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the pictures and those smiles are priceless !! Thank you for allowing us to follow you on this journey. I look forward everyday to the updates and PICTURES !! A mothers love is like no have only been with SJ a few days and she already knows the love of a mommy !! I love the way she comes to you for love, security and comfort !

  8. We loved looking at all of the pictures and reading your posts this morning! We (Momma plus all the boys!) are gatthered on my bed here. Sander and Dawson love looking at all the pictures of EllaKate :) Dawson practically blushes everytime he sees a pic and says "That's EllaKate!" So sweet!
    They are trying to understand adoption and how you are going to China to bring home a CHILD! I told them that the next time we come visit, SJ will be there....perplexing! They add EllaKate on to their prayer every night..."and pray that EK is a good girl in China!" because sometimes they pray about their behavior for the next day :) so funny.
    We hope you are having a wonderful time together getting your new baby!