Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Night Time

Night time is ShayleeJoy's best time of the day...
she has finally gotten used to us again
and will get down and play.
Today she discovered the fun of stickers
s0 we played with that tonight.

EK wanted to watch a movie before bed
so SJ climbed up beside her and watched for a short while.

She goes down very easily at night and nap.
She is fast asleep already
and so hope she will have sweet dreams.
I also pray she will wake up
and still be happy...
at least I know she will be by nightfall. :)


  1. She looks like such a different child when she's smiley :) Glad she's coming around and having some fun. She's simply gorgeous!

  2. I agree with Just Another Day...beautiful and her smile lights up the room!

  3. That's a pretty sweet smile there at bed time :) Bed time is MY favorite time of day too - phew!! I can finally take a load off :)

  4. Oh I love seeing her in her pj' precious!


  5. I love seeing her gorgeous smile!! You continue to be in my prayers!

  6. I love seeing her smile! There will be many more to come, I know!

  7. Seeing more & more pics with that sweet little smile! Makes me smile, too! :)

  8. She couldn't be any cuter! The pics of EK and SJ laughing and playing together are PRICELESS! I can't wait until Lucy's ornament swap to see what she thinks of that party!!!! :) So glad y'all are enjoying yourselves. I'm sure the big sisters here think that time has stopped.

  9. I was going to ask about the piece of fabric! Ellie still bring her "raggy" everywhere! They are baby washcloths and she has a drawerful!
    Love the pictures!!