Wednesday, September 8, 2010


One of the ways to JingJing's heart is through her belly...
thus fruit snacks and Baba.
This has been a great way for them to bond~
And after dinner...
I think we see the results loud and clear.
She backed right up to him and sat in his lap.
Baba and his girls.
VERY thankful for this breakthrough!!!


  1. awwwww!!!!! Baba must be thrilled!

  2. Wow!!!! What precious photos!! I am loving every photo!!
    The girls look so happy together. Hey girl, how many outfits did you make?? The girls look soooo cute!!!

  3. So sweet! So beautiful!! I know you can't wait to get her home.

    Love the dresses!!

  4. I love ALL the smiles and I LOVE their silks from the previous posts! Wish I'd seen those while there, I'd have brought back some myself! :) So glad to see you all doing so well.

  5. SO worth the wait for her to come to him on her own! I know that it just melted his heart...and yours.


  6. Sorry about that last post - SG loves to look at SJ's pics and then she was going to help me type, but I think she ended up erasing what we wrote. We love the pics of Scott and his girls! That's just amazing how far she's come in a week. So happy for all of you! LOVE THE COUCH PICS!!!

  7. WONDERFUL to see!!!


  8. Love the pictures and you can feel the love and happiness through the computer !! EK and SJ are beautiful girls and so happy that SJ is warming up to Scott and I know it melts both of your hearts!!

  9. So are we - that's great news! Btw, sorry I missed skyping with you guys the other night. Tiger was driving me nuts so I went into the bedroom to read and went to bed kinda early. Didn't even know until the morning - don't know why Jason didn't come and get me!