Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Red Couch Photos

This morning we waited for Aaron
to call us about our consulate appointment.
We got the call around 11am that everything was fine
and left our hotel for Shamian Island.
We wanted to finish up our shopping
and make the infamous Red Couch photos.

This was such a sweet one!
I don't think this princess ever makes a bad pic.
Baby Princess
Our gorgeous girls~ take my breath away.
Scott was looking out the window at the large barges
going by the hotel in the Pearl River~
SJ walked over to him and wanted him to pick her up.
When he asked her for a kiss,
she kissed him right away!
I think I kiss her a million times a day!!!


  1. Oh how sweet!! I can't wait to get in on some of that sweet baby kissing action :) Hurry home, hurry home.

  2. SO SPECIAL!! Love all those kisses! Your Princesses are BEAUTIFUL, and I Love the pictures!! They are all so perfect! So happy for you!!

  3. I'm thinking you are going to need lots of frames for all these gorgeous photos!!! LOVE the red couch laughing photos. Those dresses are gorgeous!

  4. Love the red couch photos!! Both of your princesses are beautiful as ever!

    Love Scott getting a big one from SJ!!

  5. I think I would find her pretty irresistible, too.

  6. the RED COUCH is the BEST! Love the pics!

  7. Oh, my! That picture of Scott getting an SJ kiss just brought tears to my eyes! Love seeing her warm up to her Daddy.

  8. These are so beautiful!! My favorite is the last one on the couch!