Thursday, September 9, 2010

6 Banyon Temple & Oath Ceremony

Today our group took a tour to
the 6 Banyon Temple.
Our guide Aron said when we walked in
she knew we were Christians but hoped
we would enjoy the tour.
We told her we knew our God was there with us...
in the midst of those that need prayer the most~
unbelievers... we were surrounded
and believe we made a difference
by being there praying for their salvation!

We dressed this morning in red, white, and blue
as we go for our oath at the US Embassy today @ 3pm
and swear that all we have declared is indeed true
and we will be the best parents we can be to SJ!!!

It was SO terribly hot.
The monks doing their thing.
When we return to the hotel,
SJ wants to ride the escalator up
and then we take the elevator to our floor.
We always stop to see the fish~
have to keep SJ from putting her hand in the water. :)


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the temple. And I love that family shot! And the bag you are using!!


  2. The CA was hard for me too - both times. It was just like you said... the culmination of SO MUCH and the beginning of "real life" and going HOME! Wishing you safe and happy travels. Can't wait to hear about your homecoming!

  3. Oh, Mom - what's petting the fish going to hurt??


    We forewent the temple, but more because it was "safer" to stay in the hotel, on the island - with our crazy,wild girl!! I think you are right - if you are going to pray for them- go to their turf!!

  4. How sweet is that last picture of your baby girl truly grinning from ear to ear. My oh my how long you have waited to see that! Hurry home!!

  5. Yes, that last picture with SJ's smile is just precious! Such a contrast to the sad little girl, sitting in a chair waiting for her new family almost 2 weeks ago.

  6. SJ looks so different, so YOURS! Praise God :) We went to the temple, it did have an oppressive feel to me, but we were praying for them too. Love love love this photo, you just look like a normal family now!