Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oath Ceremony

The Oath Ceremony was as emotional as last time for me.
We left the hotel around 2:30 and made it by 3.
Each family was called forward by their child's Chinese name
and we walked up to the window to sign the LAST document
for JingJing's visa and adoption China side.

From the moment we walked in the room,
JingJing began crying because she thought we were back
at the medical exam building.
She fell asleep right away and woke just in time for us to be called and began crying all over again.
We gave her smarties and she finally calmed down.

After all the families had been called,
the adoption official came out, gave us a little speech,
and had us repeat an oath that we had been truthful
with all our paperwork and that we would be
great parents for JingJing.

I had a huge lump in my throat through the whole thing~
the culmination of years of waiting and tons of paperwork.
It was also very nostalgic thinking we had been
in this very room four and a half years ago with EK.
To think we had been full circle was amazing!!!

We are back home and JingJing is already down and playing
with a toothbrush holder and empty pringles can.
So thankful she loves to keep it simple. :)

Now we are ready to come home~
we will leave the hotel around 2:20
and stop by the consulate to get the visa
and then to the train station for a 2 hour train ride
back to Hong Kong.
Leave HK on a flight to Detroit @ 9am!!!
Hang on girls we are SO close!!!


  1. Great family jam session....who knew Scott played such a mean water bottle!


  2. Happy making a "joyful noise" - you'll love that in the backseat of the car!!

  3. Love the music!!! I think it might be time to come home!! Love seeing her happy.

  4. I love all the pictures!!! Every picture just looks like a happier day than the next. I will pray for you for a smooth journey home..I remember last time.

  5. Love the "hoedown in China" video. SJ really seems to be enjoying herself!

  6. Wow, great music! Ha ha. I loved how Shaylee kept looking at you - so cute!

  7. They are rockin' it :) Tia thought EK was her. I'm so thankful you are almost home and everything has gone so well!

  8. Glad I was not in the room next to yours!! I have enjoyed following your journey. Doug