Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday~ God's Provision

Wednesday was a MAJOR day!
I woke early because I was scheduled for a diagnostic mammo-
suspicious mass @ 9:00 in Atlanta.
Before getting dressed I checked email to see...
we had a major problem with our hotel in SJ's city.
Major in NO rooms available.
The email read...
"We have really bad news..."

I had a major panic
and then heard God tell me to let Him handle it.
I prayed that prayer ALL morning...
I think this was a test to see if I would allow Him to be in control.
I had several other panics but knew God was sovereign
and had every detail worked out.

The other big thing was email photos
of SJ's birthday party photos in China...
and when I opened them
she was bawling her eyes out... scared, overwhelmed, unsure.
Here are new pics of our precious baby...
I will have to say,
I have seen that same sad crying face on EK at times.
Even when crying, I think she is just adorable!!!

We are so excited to be so close to going to China
to get her!!!
And if you are wondering...
my tests turned out great with no need for surgery!

"Keep me ever mindful, Dear Lord,
that when I put You first, everything falls into place."


  1. Such wonderful news, I am so glad everything turned out well with your test. She is precious, even with tears...and the little one to her right stole my heart. Closer and closer now!!!!


  2. So sorry you had that scare, Sharon, but so grateful you can just focus on Shaylee Joy now. OMG, what precious pics to have of SJ at her birthday party. I know the joy and excitement that you're feeling counting down... She is beautiful even when crying.

  3. Wow, that was a lot for one day! I'm praising God that the tests went well - what a relief!! Thanks for the reminder to me to trust God and let him handle things. (I'm struggling with our house sale). I love those photos of SJ - they are too cute - and who are all those men??

  4. Great news Sharon! I am so glad that you are having everything fall into place (thanks to God!).

    The pictures are so cute!!! I wish I had something like that of LiLi! Shaylee looks tired to me. Maybe it was early in the morning or bedtime. I love the look of the other kids. It looks like they are saying, "Even if she crys, we still get some. Right?" You just made some other mother's babies every happy that day!

  5. Well praise the Lord for the Mammogram results - now what about the hotel room??

    You didn't tell me there were MEN standing to close to ShayleeJoy in the pictures - I wonder if THAT'S why!?! Then after the men "made" her cry - they sent the woman in as reinforcement ;) I dont know - but Scott should be ready! I am sure it was overwhelming to have all that attention.

    But what a pretty Birthday girl!

  6. Bless her little heart! Next year she won't be crying at her party. :) She's still cute as a button in that hat though!


  7. Poor thing !!!She looks so scared and overwhelmed. I am sure she just doesn't know what is going on with all these men and a cake too? I bet she has never even seen those men or if she has they have neer cared for her.Soon very soon your family will be here!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Oh, those photos! I am sure that someday you'll look back on those with a laugh.

    So glad the day got better and that your mamo results were good.

    13 days until China...actually 12 for you!!!

  9. What precious photos, even if she is crying! She has so much ahead that will overwhelm her. But she also has a wonderful family that will love her through those moments, and a Heavenly Father that will never leave her!!!

    And speaking of transitions, etc., did Savannah forward you a copy of the email we sent to family & friends regarding helping facilitate a positive attachment, etc.? If not, let me know and I'll be glad to share with you. It's tough to tell people what they can't do with your new little one, but we tried to find a loving way to do it. And the root of it all is that we love our little man and want his transition and attachment to all go as smoothly as possible. :)

    Love - Jenn

  10. Again, I'm so thankful that everything turned out ok. With both the hotel and your test! Shaylee still looks so stinkin cute even when she's crying! Guess we'll have to do a small simple cake for her? Or no cake at all! :>)

  11. I've lived through that cold, clammy sweat with fervent prayer to the point where you have to force yourself to keep your eyes open as you're driving to radiology. So glad to hear your results!

  12. I'm back! I was looking at the photo closer and now I am CRYING!!! The child to Shaylee's right has no hands! LiLi said that she needs a mommy too and asked if you could go get her. TISSUES!!!!

    I am so glad they pick her/him to attend Shaylee's birthday party. See, even without trying you made several kids so happy! Pass the tissues!!!

  13. Oh my goodness! Shaylee is adorable, even through the crying! Hey, let's get on a plane in about 12 or so days and head on over to China to pick up our girls. He he! Can't wait to meet everyone.


  14. OMG...She is absolutely adorable!!! I love that little stern look she has!! Wesleigh never had a smile on her face in any of her orphanage pics! I can't wail till you go!!!!!!!!

  15. Bless her heart! I think those three men scared her... and maybe the hat. I love how the other kids are so focused on the cake. She has such a cute little scowl. Can't wait until you get her and the smiles begin!

    I am so glad that your test results were negative. I am a breast cancer survivor, so know how frightening it can be.