Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Black & White Wednesday: Loving School

EK can hardly wait to start school each morning.
She tells time by the first number on a digital clock~
she calls it the 'number on the front'.
She is up by 7 on the front each morning,
breakfast @ 8 on the front,
school @ 9 on the front,
snack @ 10 on the front,
school done @ 11 on the front,
and lunch @ 12 on the front.

She LOVES school and works so hard!

Bedtime... 8 on the front. :)

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  1. She's so cute (on the front?!) Sounds like you have a wonderful little student!! and a great schedule.

  2. That's so funny!! I love the things they come up with!


  3. So glad school is going well - does she have a set of numbers that she pulls off daily counting down until you leave for China?