Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday ShayleeJoy!

Dear ShayleeJoy,

Today you are 3 years old. We were so hoping to make it to you by this day but will hold you for the first time in three weeks. It will be both a happy and scary day for all of us. The unknown becomes the reality of how our family continues from that moment forward.

We sent you a birthday package
and so hope you enjoyed your cake with your friends.

While you were celebrating in China,
we were all celebrating here at home for you.
EllaKate had her own 'Big Sister' puppy cake.

Dad and I bought a little white cake with balloons
and I decorated with a pig since you were born
in the Year of the Pig. :)

EllaKate and Max had a ball
singing Happy Birthday

blowing out your candles,

and eating ~ so yummy!

Pop grew beautiful sunflowers for you and EK...
Memommy cut them and brought in a jar vase. :)
They reminded me of the sweet sunshine
all you girls bring to our family.
We are ALL very blessed
and wish you a very happy last birthday without
a mommy, daddy, and 4 sisters. :)

We all love you so very much
and pray for you as we wait for
ShayleeJoy Day!
We are so very thankful for you sweet girl!!!


  1. Happy Birthday baby girl! You don't know it yet but in less than a month, you are about to meet some awesome people! You couldn't get luckier to have a family like them!

    I can't wait to see your birthday pictures next year. I have a feeling that it will be an AWESOME party!!!

    Sharyn and LiLi

  2. What a fun party! I'm so glad you got to celebrate your littlest princess - she is going to be such a blessing :) your new reality will be awesome!

    Sending birthday hugs to all of you!

  3. Here's wishing SJ a happy birthday and that each birthday hereafter is better than the one before and filled with the love and joy of a forever family.

  4. What true joy to come!!!!


  5. Happy Birthday SJ!! What a sweet way to celebrate. LAST one away from Mommy & Daddy! And I can't believe how grown up Max is getting!

  6. Happy Birthday, ShayleeJoy!! I can so remember the bittersweet celebration when my littles were still in China... sounds like you had a LOVELY celebration for her special day :)

  7. Happy, Happy day Shaylee Joy!! That was precious!!

  8. Not much longer and you'll all be together. Love all the birthday cakes and treats sent to SJ!

  9. So sweet!!! Happy Birthday, ShayleeJoy!!!

  10. We had a great time celebrating with you all yesterday! A yummy lunch and cake! Can't wait to meet Shaylee!

  11. Happy Birthday Shaylee!! This third year in your life will be filled with so many incredible things!!

  12. For some reason the cache messed up on laptop and I just thought you hadn't posted anything since July 29. Just thought you were super busy packing. Thank goodness today I refreshed my screen and FINALLY got to see all your posts. Happy Bday Shaylee Joy! Please posts a couple pics from Hong Kong China while you're there - You get Shaylee Joy and a trip to Disney ---- beyond jealous! So extremely excited for ALL OF YOU! What an amazing adventure you're about to embark on - your lives will have even more joy than you already have now. Can't wait for y'all to go get her!

  13. So excited for you all. God bless, Ellen