Saturday, August 7, 2010

Super Saturday!

This day started bright and early
with a last hurah yard sale.
Thank you to Susan, Tony, and my mom
for helping us drag it all out, sell,
and take the left overs to goodwill.

Rosie had cheer leading pictures today
and it was so fun to see her hanging out with her friends.

The afternoon was spent at the tennis courts
for a tournament Amelia and Rosie are in this weekend.
Both of them played SO well!!!

Tomorrow will be another wonderful day
as we enjoy having Savannah home
and celebrating ShayleeJoy's 3rd birthday!!!
Party is planned and time for rest.


  1. Happy Birthday, ShayleeJoy!!! Wow, it looks like you guys are busy...but I know that helps the time go by faster! Only a few more weeks until that precious girl is in your arms!!! I can't wait1 :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Shaylee Joy!!! Ella Kate your baby sister will be here soon!! I know you will be such a great big sister!! I remember when we brought home Hannah..almost everyday for about a year Madison thanked me for her sister!!!It was so cute.