Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am happy to report after a two and a half hour nap
both girls are feeling better.
SJ did wake up sad again but
a few bubbles and beach ball fun cheered her up a little.

Here is a sweet pic of the sisters together
with their pet pandas.
Amazing that Mr. Green disappeared once we got a nap.

naptime is when I write my posts and add pics.
Love recording all the Joy here~ good and sad.


  1. I love the pandas! So sweet that they came from China too - just another keepsake ;) I know that a nap does a lot for ME too - I can only imagine what it does for two tired and grieving sisters! Not to mention all the smiling - that's exhausting too!!

  2. You do get the best blogger in China award for sure!! Jealousy is certainly expected, and it looks like EK is doing SO well considering. Keep up the good work mommy, this is what He has prepared you for. You were made to be a mommy to FIVE :)

  3. Sharon,
    You are doing a beautiful job of posting! I know how hard it is with everything else going on. So many of your words bring back memories of our sweet Sienna just six months ago.. Every day was like the movie, "Groundhogs Day" where we would just start over. And, she was so hesitant around Jeff for a long time. Thankfully, you know that will all change in time. SJ reminds me of Sienna in the way she is taking it all in and trying to process her new life. I know when you get to GZ it will be a new day for her. However, it looks like Fouzhou is a beautiful province. And bless that EK! So hard to see your Mommy love on another even when you know it is what needs to happen... She is such a great big sister already sacrificing your lap for another! You are doing a fantastic job keeping it all in perspective!


  4. Such a cute picture of the both of them together! Glad things got better after sleep - I think it's that way for anyone?! Glad you are having a great time!

  5. So glad things are a little better. Praying for a supernatural peace for your new little one!

  6. Sharon,
    I just have to say how much I love the girls in matching outfits. I'm from a big family (11), Mom was our 4-H leader and the sewing teacher, and she would often make things for us three younger girls to wear (there are three years between the youngest sister and me, with one between us). We loved it.