Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dinosaur Museum

EK has always dreamed and asked to go to a museum with dinosaur skeletons.

Well guess what?

We had to come all the way to Fuzhou to take her. J

It was THE highlight of the day.


We took lots of pictures and video there.

Scott, EK, and Isabel walked around both floors.

SJ and I found a place to sit and snack.

It was so wonderful to be in a building with air conditioning!

We were all soaked to the bone from sweat~

So hot and humid~ 3 typhoons on the way...

First hitting today, thus the horrible hair.

SJ just goes with the flow~ holding on to me all the way.

We have seen a little of Mr. Green(jealousy) come out in EK late yesterday and today.

That’s absolutely to be expected…

she is struggling to accept that I must hold SJ all the time

and give her most of my attention.

I know she will come around when SJ starts interacting more…

For right now SJ simply wants to be held and know I will be there forever~

Something I did for EK four and a half years ago.

There are times when I hold them both or hold EK’s hand while holding SJ.

And Scott is just the sweetest helping in any way he can.

He is a gentle soul too and I know when SJ gets to know him,

She will adore him just like all us Ankerich girls do!!!

Love you sweetheart with all my heart

and SO thankful God brought us to the other side of the earth together!!!

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  1. I am so proud of EllaKate for being the big sister! PLease, send her our love - she is doing such a good job sharing her Mommy! And, Scott, ShayleeJoy WILL fall in love with you - I think the rejection that (we both) dealt with was harder than we would admit! Yes, we are adults, but we are human too.....

    Glad EK got to see some dinosaur bones :)