Tuesday, August 31, 2010

McDonald's Picnic Dinner

We ordered McDonald's again tonight
and guess what Rosie?
SJ loved the chicken nuggets!
and the french fries.

After dinner, SJ handed Baba the bubbles
and they had so much fun.
She loves blowing them too.
This is the closest she has gotten to him
so hopefully soon she will know
he is a really COOL dad~ baba!!! :)

All in all it was a really good day
and we are off to the aquarium tomorrow.
I am headed to bed so see you all tomorrow.


  1. Sharon, I am so happy for all of you!!! I have enjoyed looking over and over again at these beautiful new family photos. A miracle right before our eyes..to see who God had intended for your family from the beginning!!!
    I am loving those cute outfits!!! The girls look precious together!!!

  2. I just love the way SJ is looking at Scott in the last picture.

  3. Such beautiful little girls! Sounds like SJ is really warming up to baba! I am loving all their matching outfits and hair bows!!

  4. It TOTALLY sounds like ShayleeJoy is warming up to the idea that her Daddy isn't so bad afterall ;) That makes me morning - thanks!!

    We had McDonalds in China and Mya just looked at me like "are you kidding"? She wouldn't touch the nuggets - we laughed, knowing that it would soon be her fate anyways.... And now, it is :)

  5. Oh my gosh...look how she is looking at him!! No, it won't be long at all!! :)


  6. Just have to add that I think Scott is being amazing. You read so many times about how the Dad feel left out and so the Mom lets him take over doing things (which impedes attachment). Scott is putting Shaylee first and I think he's such a great example to adoptive fathers!


  7. So glad she is warming up to him :)
    Since I know NOTHING about adoption from China, how long are y'all supposed to be there?

  8. Okay, how CUTE!! I love the look she is giving her baba!! Enjoying all of your posts Sharon!!

  9. Sharon,
    Thank you so much for letting us enjoy your journey. God is good and will heal her heart. She is just so beautiful. I love her serious look. Praying for her and for EK. Lia had the same Mr. Green visit her when Jake came home. I think she will see him again when Brooklyn gets here!

  10. Gotta love McD's fries! it looks like both girls are squatters - ours are both still! So cute! Btw - I love Scott's smile in the pic where SJ is looking at him! He looks totally happy with his new little one! So, any guess on her weight? Doesn't she look so little compared to EK?

  11. I've been showing Olivia the pictures every day. She usually just says "uh huh" when I say "There's Shaylee." Today she said, "Well, they finally got her!" I think it was the McDonald's food that did it! LOL

  12. What a sweet pea she is!!! She's doing so well Sharon. Love the image of SJ with her Daddy...it just takes a little time.

  13. That picture of SJ & Scott is so sweet! When we were in China, I loved these days of "leisure," seeing the sights and spending time getting to know our new little one. Love seeing all the interaction you're having with SJ. She seems so precious! Oh, and I've noticed a necklace in several pictures; did SJ have the red string/jade necklace when you got her?

  14. That's so funny! We knew she would! Just this morning, Max put on a pair of Jason's shoes and said, "Bye!" I said where are you going? And he said to the store. I said what are you going to get? And he said fries, then nuggets and milk. Ha ha!! So where does the name Baba come for Scott?

  15. Oh my Goodness, I love seeing that beautiful smile on Shaylee Joy! She is precious, indeed!
    I've missed so much of your blogging and loved catching up on your last few days.
    I had a b'day in China too! But instead of Pizza Hut, we had McDonalds! :)
    I love all your pictures and am thinking how happy you are going to be when you check into your nice big room at the Garden Hotel!
    Keep up the good work there in China, I'm praying for you all!
    love, ashley