Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quick Answers to Questions

I LOVE all the comments everyone is sending to us!
Sometimes when I want to reply back,
it comes back non-reply
and I can't answer your questions... (Lucy). :)

So here are a few of the answers~

The Jade necklace was given to her by a lady
that owns a store near the orphanage.
She volunteers there and thought SJ was so cute
and gave her the jade to wear.
The staff told us it was a guardian to her
and very special.
I am thinking I will let her wear it until the red thread breaks
and then change to a special chain.

I just weighed her on the scales here in the hotel
and she weighs 26 lbs.
She stands about to EK's shoulder.
She's very dainty though and wants to be held all the time.
I rarely put her down and I think it may be
the reason EK is being visited by Mr. Green. :)

We leave Fuzhou on Friday and fly to Guangzhou
for another week.
Leaving there on the 11th and getting home on the 11th.
Gaining a day back on the way home. :)

She does have a little dimple.
She needs lots of warming up for us to see it.
I know it will be popping out all the time very soon~
just like EK's!

The pink towel is actually a piece of left over fabric
I had when I made their pillows.
She won't have anything to do with the pillow
but LOVES that piece of fabric.
Goes where ever we go. :)
And she hasn't wanted any of the blankets we brought either.

If I didn't get your question answered...
please ask again.
Thanks for sharing this amazing journey with us!!!


  1. THank you thank you thank you! Ha ha! Love to hear all about her and everything else! We are up and moving here in GA (life wiht a Gwinnett high schooler)! Have a great evening...

  2. That is so adorable that she wants that little piece of fabric! Hey, whatever it takes!