Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marine World~ The Aquarium

Today was a better morning…

When SJ woke up , she didn’t cry when she first saw me

Although she was very solemn.

She did begin the whimpering when she saw Scott.

He just pulls out the bubbles and acts like he is having the best time.

Sometimes it works and other times not so much.

After breakfast she and I came back to the room to play

While Scott and EK took a walk.

SJ played around the room while I got some things done.

She’s perfectly secure when it’s just me and her.

She’s coming around though…

At lunch Scott shared a couple of fruit snacks with her

And she took them from his hand~ big step!!!

Isabel met us in the lobby @ 10am.

The driver drove us to the aquarium and dropped us off.

We walked through another beautiful park getting there.

Marine World was a great little aquarium

Although EK especially wanted to see whales~

There were none.

To quote EK~ “It needs to be like the GA Aquarium.”

We did see a mermaid show and seal show.

Both were quite entertaining.

EK and SJ watched the whole time.

SJ is perfectly willing to do whatever she needs to do.

Sit still in my lap or move on to the next thing.

This is a rare shot of her walking on her own.

It lasted about a minute and then she holds up those arms to me,

Says something in Chinese, and waits for me to pick her up.

And I always do! It’s what I’ve been waiting on for over 3 years! Right?

We are now back at the hotel for naptime. :)


  1. Be sure to video her chattering in Chinese - I wish we had done more of that for Alaina... It' SO CUTE! Keep the fruit snacks comin, dad!

  2. I am sure that your arms are killing you, but keep picking her up :) This time is so short!

    The mermaids look cool! Mya is ALL about Ariel right now, so she would have loved that!

  3. Glad you had fun at the aquarium! And that you have an awesome guide. I think you look skinnier...must be all that heavy lifting. Ha ha. Max weighs more than SJ!