Monday, July 5, 2010

A Tale of Hearts...

Five months ago on February 9, we saw ShayleeJoy's face for the first time.
We prayed, cried, struggled, begged, researched, and
knew she was our precious daughter.
As most of you know, we had 48 hours to send LOI
letting China know we wanted her forever.

On February 11, the day we were to send our LOI
for our little girl far away with a heart special need...
We were asked to go to lunch with Josh in Atlanta
because he needed to talk to us about 'something' important.
We both knew what it was and how emotional it would be hearing it.

We met at a restaurant, talked a little while,
and then he pulled out a letter to read to us.
As he read, my head was bowed and tears just poured down my cheeks.
He spoke of his amazing love for Savannah,
how he wanted to ask her to marry him very soon,
promised to love her and care for her with all he was,
and then he read...

"She and I also share a heart for adoption.
We want to adopt as many children as God provides the means for."
How could I not love such a sweet guy
who says those words to us
on the day we would send a letter to China for ShayleeJoy???

Scott is all his wisdom was able to speak calmly to Josh
and give him our blessing...
as for me~
I tried to talk but my heart was in my throat... in a good way! :)

Speaking of hearts...
This day was so symbolical.
Josh asked for Savannah's complete healthy loving whole heart
that we had poured God's love into for 21 years...
on the same day we asked for a special little waiting heart
we can't wait to pour God's love into...
while we received another BIG heart into our family.

Why am I telling you this story???
Check in tomorrow... :)


  1. Love it! What a precious heart.

    You have mastered the art of the blog tease!!!!

  2. sweet, sweet, sweet!! i LOVE this story!! Makes my heart go pitter pat!!