Sunday, July 4, 2010

Snapshot Sunday: Happy Birthday Savannah!

21 years ago on July 4th,
Scott and I got up very early for the Peachtree Road Race.

My back was hurting a little and didn't feel all that well.
We decided I would stay home and he would call as soon as he finished the race.
Not long after he left, I began having contractions...
and called my neighbor, Susan and we headed to the hospital.
Scott called me after the race

(back in the days of no cell phones- only pay phones)
and I didn't answer.
He called Susan's house and was told she had taken me to the hospital around 7:30am.
He panicked, jumped in his truck, and sped to me making it by 10:30.
He was just in time for my epidural and only a few hours of labor.
At 3:15pm I delivered the most beautiful baby girl:
Savannah Lee Ankerich.

Sav 2

Sav 1

sav 3

I'd say we have both changed just a little.
Just think of Martina's song... This One's for the Girl
and know those lines on my face
as proof of all the joy this beautiful girl has brought to my life!

7-4-10 4th Sav BD 194 copy


  1. Aww, I love those pictures! So sweet.

  2. What an awful day for a birthday-but still a wonderful gift for you. Hope it was a wonderful day.

    (P.S. I have a niece named Savannah Lee, born in August, 1988-we call her Sassy most of the time)

  3. Happy Birthday Savannah!! How fun! Finally home and feeling alittle back to normal. Would love to meet up with you sometime. My little man needs to meet you to know who prayed hard for him. Thank you friend.

  4. What a sweet story of how Savannah came into the world :) I can imagine you were a bit panicked not having your husband at the hospital with you, though... what did we do without our cell phones?!?
    Happy Birthday, Savannah!!