Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Engagement... a long post!

A while back Josh planned a birthday surprise for Savannah~

He was taking her to see the Phantom of the Opera @ the Fox
and asked Scott, the girls, and I if we would like to go.

As things began to unfold,
Josh decided this would be THE night he would propose
and thus all the planning and worrying began for him.

One of the things Savannah had always told him was
she wanted to be able to see us right away after they were engaged.
Because it would be so late when the show was over,
Josh decided we would all spend the night at the
Georgian Terrace Hotel right across the street from the Fox.

7-1-10 The Engagement 004-2

We all arrived at the hotel around 3:30
and dressed for dinner @ the Livingston right in the hotel @ 5.
The Phantom was @ 8 so we all walked across the street right into the Fox.

7-1-10 The Engagement 054-2

The Phantom has a story in its self...
Josh had played the Phantom at one time and
Savannah had told many years ago when she had a crush on him
that they would someday go on a date to see the Phantom.
It was to come true on this night like none other she had dreamed about.

Picnik collage

We all loved it, including EK who said,
"I love this show and I am SO brave!"
Afterwards back at the hotel,
Josh asked Savannah if they could get away so he could read a letter to her...
the letter he had read to us on Feb. 11.
She didn't have a clue what was happening.
She said he was just being so sweet because of her birthday.
We went up to our room to wait
and let the other girls know what was going on.

7-1-10 The Engagement 008-2

They went to the roof of the hotel overlooking the Atlanta skyline
and he began the letter.
A very loud group of people came up as well
and sort of spoiled the moment
but that didn't phase Josh because he had reserved the second floor of the
restaurant with a table overlooking the Fox.

Picnik collage

They sat down at the table and Josh finished the letter,
stood up to take the ring out
and Savannah asked him what he was doing... :)
He showed her the box and she STILL didn't have a clue.
He got down on one knee, pulled out the ring,
placed it on her finger, and asked her to marry him.
They both had tears and she just reached out to hug him.
He told her she had to say yes or no.
She said YES!
What a sweet moment...
then she asked if we knew and he assured her Everyone knew except her. :)

Picnik collage

To say it was a moment when they came to our door is an
Or whole family had a moment!
A sweet loving moment...
A moment when we saw our daughter happy beyond words
and a moment when we finally had another son to love forever.

We enjoyed a toast of sparkling grape juice
and some yummy cupcakes made by a sweet lady in Josh's office
then headed downstairs for more pics...
in front of the Fox
and at the table where the Proposal happened.

Picnik collage

Oh and the Ring is gorgeous...
Josh did VERY well. :)




  1. Oh my goodness! What a great weekend for you all. They are a beautiful couple, it was really very romantic, and you must be thrilled.

    I love the Phantom-took my first daughter for her 18th birthday to Boston to see it.

    Congratulations! You're finally going to have a son. Christmas will be so exciting, as will every other holiday!


  2. Congratulations to Savannah...and to all of you! Independence Day has even more meaning for your family now!

  3. Congrats!! How special that you were able to share this moment with your precious daughter :)

  4. I found your blog awhile back, but don't believe I've commented before. I just had to say what sweet story!! It sounds like they are meant for each other and will have a wonderful life!!

  5. WOW!!! What a testimony to the love of your family!!! What a special daughter you have raised! And, what a blessed new son-in-law to be you have joining yours... One can only pray for a man like Josh to love and care for their daughters!! What an exciting time for all of you!!!!

    When is that precious little flower girl arriving to join in this celebration!?

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Congratulations to Savannah & Josh!

  7. WOW!!! Congratulations Josh and Savannah...and Mom, too! :)

  8. So so sweet! Greg proposed to Anna Kayla in Costa Rica while they were on a mission trip. He had already asked for our blessing and told us what he had planned. Since I knew we wouldn't be there to share the moment with her I wrote her letters to open each night while she was gone. That night the letter was a special one about their engagement. She called us immediately to share the wonderful news. We too had a moment to remeber!!! Happy wedding planning, when's the big day???


  9. SO glad it was a surprise for Savannah!!! Congrats!

  10. c-o-n-g-r-a-t-u-l-a-t-i-o-n-s, Savannah!! and to your whole family! I know you already love Josh as a son - but boy, this wedding planning will be FUN!!!! Tell Scott to bREAK out his checkbook!!!!!! LoL!!!

    I love the location, the timing, the RING! Everything was so perfect!! Especially sweet that you all were there to be a part of it - I love how close knit your family is!!

    Precious - thanks for sharing and documenting this journey so well :)

    And congrats on 5 months behind you in waiting for SJ - not much longer!

  11. Oh my gosh! I have tears in my eyes! How wonderfully romantic and amazing!!! I am so happy for them - for all of you!

    Congrats to the beautiful couple!

  12. Yeah!!! How fun!! Congradulations Savannah! I am so happy for you.

  13. That was a great story!!! I was just wondering if they were or are getting married. Everything was perfect that day and they will be tell their grandchildren one day. I know little girl that will make a great flowergilr. Maybe even two flower girls? Congrats and God bless!!!

  14. Congratulations to Savannah and Josh! It sounded like it was perfect! That is a special sweet time and to share it with the family was priceless! Have fun planning! When is the big day? Take care!
    Love, Laura