Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: In Full Bloom

This weekend we were out in a yard a lot! Scott trimmed limbs and put out pine straw. EK found tons of caterpillars and is now waiting for them to spin their cocoons. The girls enjoyed tennis and friends. I just enjoyed it all! We have so many azaleas blooming in our yard so we took time Sunday to get a few pics to remember the beauty of spring. Breath taking!!!




Ni Hao Y'all



  1. being not too far S of you, we are LOVING the azaleas too!! tx doesn't put on a show like this! they are beautiful and EVERYWHERE!!

  2. Gorgeous!!! And I just have to say that I love pine straw in flower/shrub beds. In Texas bagged mulch is the big thing, and it's just not the same. I got hooked on pine straw in South Carolina! Of course, we don't have as many pine trees here as we did in SC, either! :)

  3. Oh! When we lived in Hawaii, we had the most gorgeous azalea bushes in our front yard. I miss them. But I am glad to have a glimpse of yours!!! Happy spring!

  4. I love springtime in GA! We spent the whole weekend outside, too.

  5. The azaleas are almost as beautiful as your family! I would love to do some work in our yard, once I am finished with the indoor projects.