Saturday, April 17, 2010

Region Tennis Tournament: Amelia

Two days this week, we traveled with Amelia's tennis team for regional tournament games. Wednesday we were at Morgan County and Thursday at Oconee. The heat was major but the team did very well- winning on Wed and then again Thurs morning, losing only to Oconee that afternoon. They came in second in the region and are on to the state playoffs. We will host the third place team at home this week and see where it takes us. Hoping for a great end of the season!!! :) I was able to take lots of pics of course!

Tennis 1

Tennis 2

Tennis 3

We went to Jake's baseball game after tennis and he hit a homerun!!! :)



  1. They look so athletic & young & in shape :) Makes me miss those days when I could go up the stairs without losing my breath:) lol!!

    Congratulations, Amelia!!

  2. I'm glad they did so well and had fun doing it. Also glad you got to see the Cains. We miss them!