Friday, April 16, 2010

New LID!!!

As most of you know we have been logged in for China since June 2007 waiting and waiting and waiting. In January we decided to switch to special needs and were matched with our precious ShayleeJoy! Since then we have been waiting for our dossier to be transferred and a new LID issued.

Each morning when I pick up my phone, I automatically look through the emails to see who they are from and if there is anything about our adoption. Today for some crazy reason, I clicked on the first one in the list and began going through them one by one. I had made it through about 8 or so when the ONE pops up. I almost fainted (exaggeration) but I was SO excited!!! It said...

Your new LID is April 15th, 2010.

There it was... one little sentence... and the only one I needed to read!!! We are logged in again!!! Now what? We wait again. This wait should be around 60 days for our LOA (Letter of Acceptance)- the kind of golden ticket that says China has accepted us to adopt SJ!!! We will sign and return ASAP then begin the next wait for TA (travel approval).

In case you need to see a pic of our precious baby...
Can barely wait...

And... Big Praise... my bible study group has decided to hold a yard sale with all proceeds going to our adoption so I have been going through closets and drawers, etc. As I was looking through pockets in bags, I found something I had been looking for for a long time...


A necklace with a Chinese love charm given to me by my sweet friend Joan not long after our June 06 LID. Was it by chance that I would find it this week? Don't know for sure but I choose to think I found right at the perfect time... a little sign of God's love for me, for China, for SJ, and for His perfect will being done in our lives. I praise Him with all that I am and ever hope to be!
PS. I have been wearing it ever since. :)



  1. Whoo hoo!!! Rejoicing with you!!! :)

  2. Congrats to all of us! I am so excited. Zimbabwe had diverted my attention, so this is a great surprise!

  3. Oh Happy day!!! We traveled exactly 4 months from our log in date!! It's getting closer.


  4. Happy LID!! I LOVE that you found your necklace - it's like a whole NEW gift all over again!

  5. That much closer - yes!!! I love that you found your special necklace that same day...