Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Busy Girl!

EK has been a busy girl this morning! This is where she has been for over an hour- right in the middle of drawing books and paper. She LOVES drawing and writing.

Today she walked into the family room holding a drawing she had made. She asked me what her favorite bird at the zoo was and I guessed the toucan. She thought I had peeked and actually I did see a colorful beak through the paper. Why is this so special?


This is the first drawing she has ever made just for me. She drew it and wrote MOM on it. It is getting framed and going on my desk!!! :)



  1. You have a little artist I believe!

    That picture deserves a frame.


  2. And what a great toucan it is! I LOVE when they start to write. I still have sticky notes magneted to my filing cabinet at work from when Avery was in K. Aiden isn't interested in writing or drawing. Is this just boy? What can I do to make sure he is a successful reader and writer? He will sit and listen to me read. The girls were just like EK and would sit and create for hours. Aiden will play outside for hours... :-)

  3. You have one talented little girl on your hands. Okay this will be the last time I ask what kind of camera do you have to take your beautiful pictures??