Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shaving Cream Fun!

EK went a little wild with the glue one day so there was a lot of dried glue on her table not to mention all the marker, crayon, and pencil marks on it. Thinking back on my K teaching days, I remembered we sometimes had shaving cream fun days with cleaning being the ulterior motive... kids having no idea because all they saw was the potential for a wild mess. :)

I sprayed some of Scott's new shaving cream and began rubbing it onto the table. It took EK a minute to decide she wanted to touch it... (sensory) but with just a little coaxing, she was having a ball.

We worked on letter formation- I wrote the uppercase and she wrote the lowercase. We sounded out words and practiced writing the numbers. While I used a scrapper to get the glue off, EK enjoyed drawing some of her favorite animals.

After what was a VERY fun activity, our table was clean as a whistle and ready for more glue, markers, crayons, and pencils... fine with me! :)



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  1. Oh I remember doing that! So much fun. I need to do that with Max in his seat - he'd have fun too!