Thursday, February 5, 2009

Morning School

I try to do school with EllaKate every other day. Sometimes we do it days in a row if we are home because she LOVES it. If she has a choice of play or school, she always chooses school. Today we went started with a Bible story and prayer then moved into all her Kumon books. She loves it. Her pencil grasp has gotten stronger and she works hard.


When I taught K, I made a game for them to play called Flash. Depending on the skill, I would write something on giant Popsicle sticks and put them upside down in a cup with one stick having a star on it. If you drew a stick and could identify, you kept the stick. If you didn't know it, you put it back. If you pulled the star, Flash, you lost all your sticks and had to start over.


Today I made EK a set of capital letters and numbers- no flash sitck- she couldn't handle it. We played where she drew a stick and named the letter or number, kept it if she knew it and handed it to me if she didn't. She then placed them in a row and named them as quick as she could. We also went over the ones that tricked her. She LOVED it!!! There a million things you could do with this game. Next step is to add lowercase letters and then matching upper to lower and ABC order. We always name sounds and soon will be making words. Hope this idea sparks some good game playing at your house!



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