Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Great Saturday

This was a great weekend! Savannah came home Thursday and we had a girls day on Friday shopping and doing lunch (the workers were here putting down the new hardwoods). It was a big movie rental weekend too. Thursday night we watched Fireproof again with the girls and Friday night we watched The Secret Life of Bees- both excellent! I made this cute dress for EK Friday afternoon.


Josh came Friday night after work (10pm)- got here around midnight. Saturday was a big day. We bought tickets to take all the kids to a Gymdawg meet against Auburn- we beat like a drum!!! We ate lunch @ Schlotski's, ran a few errands, went to the meet, rode around Athens to relive my glory days, and ended the night with a good ole' chili dog from the Varisty. We all came home and watched Dan in Real Life. This was a suggestion from Lynn- and can I just say... it is now my favorite movie!!! I LOVE movies with good family stories and happy endings :). It's a must and I am buying it to keep!!!






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